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July Writing Goals

I have decided to keep the TBR and Writing Goals posts separate simply because of the details that are probably going to end up in especially this post.

So, the month of July is actually another Camp NaNoWriMo, however, I don't really have a specific project that is sitting at the front of my mind right now. So, I have decided that I would like to reach a goal of 50k words throughout all of my projects. That being decided, I do have individual goals for each project. We're going to start with the projects I have the most work done with down to ones I'm still outlining.

ForestFire (co-author fantasy duology)

We have been working on this duology for over two years, and the ending is finally within sight. So, my goal for this is to get at least three more chapters fully edited and written, which would leave us with three chapters to finish before the end of the summer so we can get started on book two!

Basil Greene (unsure of length, LOOSE HadesxPersephone retelling)

I am finally making progress with this rewrite so I want to finish the first quarter of the rewrite. There is a particular scene I would like to reach in my writing, so that is my current goal for this one. Also, as a side note, I use the phrase HadesxPersephone retelling about as loosely as I can but it's the best I have for a comparison. My inner Mythology-nerd is slightly cringing.

PhoenixFire (Sci-fi action, follows the events of Basil Greene)

So, this one I am a little careful about because while I know what is going to happen in the first section, I have to be carful what I write since I haven't finished all of Basil Greene yet. So, this one is kind of like a write what I have ideas for, and I'd like to flesh out my characters in this one a bit more. So, my goal is to have a solid image of the characters by the end of the month.

Secret Project (is a fantastical secret)

I will continue to work on this project without telling anyone what it's directly about. Though I am honestly doing a bit more research than I had expected for this one. But, it all started with a pinterest picture.

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